4" Height Piano Desk Lamp Mahogany Bronze LIIZJSYSX

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Pre-installed LED lighting array with 12 nodesAdjustable neck for perfect lighting directionIncludes lighting dimmer for optimal brightnessEasy On/Off toggle switch located on the shadeIncludes 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Product Description Each COCOWEB piano lamp is rolled, polished, buffed, sprayed and inspected for maximum quality. The PLED101 4" height LED piano light features a black, matted color finish that comes with polished brass accents. LED Technology Comes with a long 16" LED light bar, the PLED101 has a color temperature of 2700k that resembles natural sunlight and is easy on the eyes. The lighting level is carefully calculated to best suit this upright piano lamp. The COCOWEB LED piano lighting technology makes the PLED101 stands out as the best value in high quality piano lamps market. It is unmatched by any other similar lights on the market that uses lead-containing traditional T10 light bulbs or a short LED light bar. COCOWEB’_’_as LED technology gives piano lighting a leap in energy efficiency and provides lighting color that resembles natural sunlight.The LED Lamp is installed and included in the PLED101, which consumes less than half the electricity of traditional light bulbs, while providing natural-colored and ample illumination.

4" Height Piano Desk Lamp Mahogany Bronze LIIZJSYSX

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