30" Polished Chrome Closet Rod W End Supports Set of 2 LKSDAAMSD

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Heavy duty oval closet rod with supportsMaterial: SteelFinish: Chrome

Save big when you order this 2 rod bundle!

There's twice as much to love when ordering this 2 pack closet rod kit. Let's start with the rod itself. Its oval profile (very popular in European markets), offers a more streamlined appearance while maintaining an incredible degree of strength. It's made of extruded steel, which means it's completely seamless and smooth all around. It has a highly polished chrome finish, which will keep it looking like new for years to come.

We guarantee that you'll be just as happy with the end supports. They're made of cast metal (not stamped steel like others you might find), and have the same highly polished chrome plating as the rod itself

Installation - First of all, please note that this closet rod in intended to be mounted onto a wood surface. Each end support has 2 rear facing pins which you'll need to drill 2 corresponding holes for. Once that's done, all it takes is a single screw (provided) to hold the rod in place. After the supports are mounted, it's just question of cutting the rod to the desired length, which can be easily done with a hacksaw... Done!

Here's what you get...
2 polished chrome 29 3/4" long oval rods
4 polished chrome end supports
4 mounting screws

30" Polished Chrome Closet Rod W End Supports Set of 2 LKSDAAMSD

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